Cooking Classes

cooking_classess_thumbDoes your culinary imagination out distance your kitchen skills? Are you newly independent and want to learn your way around a kitchen? Have you just moved into your Dream Home, but feel intimidated by your new high tech appliances?

Shallots and Chef Shelbie will become your new Best Friend!!!

Cooking Classes are offered for individuals and groups, featuring different ethnic cuisines. Each class explores new techniques, products, and gadgets.

  • Can be aimed at various levels of ability
  • Kids “Basic cooking and Kitchen Safety”
  • Men Only Classes
  • Appetizer, Dessert, and Soup Classes
  • Survival cooking to party planning

Our aim is to introduce you to new flavors, ideas, and to spur your own creativity in the kitchen. Let’s get YOU cooking!

Interactive Dinner Parties

Let’s bring the cooking classes and the party to your kitchen! You invite the guests and I supply the groceries, recipes and instruction. Your guests enjoy a wonderful hands -on, culinary education, and then feast on their accomplishment. Call today to set up a date!