There is nothing that warms our hearts and souls 7657162like aromas from the kitchen…
Onion, garlic, herbs and spices slowly sizzling in a sauté pan…
A simmering pot of home made chicken soup…
A pumpkin pie, freshly baked, with the fragrance of nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon.

Have you and your family become too reliant on carryout meals, mass produced restaurant meals, or boxed dinners with minimal nutritional value? Do you have the desire to eat healthier, but lack the time or cooking skills to accomplish it?

Allow Shallots to ease your pain!

Our Personal Chef Service prepares your choice of meals, in the safety of your own kitchen, completely packaged with easy to follow heating instructions. Each meal is customized to your specific needs (low salt, low sugar, or low fat) and designed to be palate specific.

Suggested Plans:

The “5 X 4” Five entrees with accompanying side dishes for four diners:
Meals can be wrapped freezer-friendly or prepared and ready for same week serving…as per your needs.

The “3 X 4” Three fresh entrees with accompanying side dishes for four diners: All prepared to be eaten fresh during the week.

Kosher, Vegetarian, and Organic options are available by request.

Let us design the package that suits you!