What is the difference between a Personal Chef and a Private Chef?
A Private Chef is employed by one individual or family full time, and is often “living in”, preparing up to 3 meals a day.

A Personal Chef serves several clients, usually one per day, and provides multiple meals that are custom designed for the client’s particular requests and requirements. These meals are packaged and stored so that the client may enjoy them at their leisure.

Do you cook in my kitchen?
Yes, we prepare your meals in the safety of your own kitchen. On our agreed upon cooking date we bring the fresh ingredients for your meals along with our own pots, pans, and utensils and prepare your entrees on site. At the end of the day, we leave your kitchen clean and full of the aroma of home cooking!

How long will you be there?
I’ll be cooking several different entrees and side dishes from scratch, so it will take several hours. I am most willing to work with your schedule. We can make arrangements in advance so that my cooking date is compatible with your schedule.

Do I heat the food?
Yes. Any entrees that have been stored for you in your freezer should be defrosted overnight in the refrigerator, and heated either in the oven or microwave. I will always supply heating instructions for each dish.

What type of storage containers do you suggest?
You and I will discuss reusable containers, such as Corning Ware, as opposed to disposable ones. Uniform sized containers take up less storage space in the freezer.

Do I pay you ahead of each cooking date?
Yes, it is customary to pay for the service in advance of your cooking date. If you like, you may leave me a check for the upcoming cooking date on the day I am cooking.

How long will the food last us?
Depending on how many entrees you order and how many evenings you eat at home, we can determine how long your meals will last. I’ll be happy to help you determine just how often you will want to schedule cook dates to best serve your needs. We’ll make sure it supports your busy lifestyle without putting any pressure on you.

Can I order half of the regular service?
I wish I could make that available to you, but the service doesn’t work that way. For this to be a profitable business for me, I cannot take the same amount of cooking time and produce half the amount of food. However, we can select entrees that are freezer- friendly that can be enjoyed at your convenience.

The cost seems to be about what I would pay for an entrée in a restaurant…Why is that?
Although the fees are expressed as a “per entrée” or “per serving” fee, they actually represent all of the components that make up a Professional Chef Service. For example, the assessment process that we complete determines what you like to eat, how you like to eat, your allergies, sensitivities, and medically specific requirements. I customize my recipes to reflect your wants and requests, submitting meal selections for your approval. I do all of the grocery shopping, purchasing the freshest produce and meats that Baltimore has to offer. I spend several hours in the safety of your kitchen preparing the entrees and then packaging, labeling, and storing them. Your kitchen is then cleaned and I’m gone!

For a restaurant, you must drive there; possibly wait for a table, and take a chance that your server (or cook) is having a good day. As most entrees are assembly line ready in the kitchen, special requests are not always honored. Mass produced food is often laden with salt and has hidden fats, which we are not aware of.

Add 15 to 20 percent tip over the bill and the gas for driving home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to heat up a beautiful entrée that has been prepared specifically for your palate in the comfort of your own home? Dinner should be stress free!