How the Grinch Stole Thanksgivukkah

Am I the only one who isn’t stoked about the 70,000 year coincidence of Thanksgiving occurring during Hanukkah? With all of the hubbub this year surrounding the convergence of the two holidays, it has my feathers in a bunch. Because of the Jewish leap year, Hanukkah is early. Of course,  those of us who are privy to these things know that the Jewish holidays are either early or late, never on-time. Apparently, Thanksgiving is late this year; meaning that secular holidays are also too early or too late.

The reality is that I am a holiday purist. I need to celebrate each holiday on it’s own, without integration. No mash-ups for me…just mashed potatoes. No latkes…

I want Turkey Day to be about the bird and in my house, the vast amounts of butter used in preparation of the sagey stuffing, sweet potato soufflé (yes, to the marshmallows) curried broccoli casserole and the milk gravy ( subject for another discussion). Not to mention, the additional globs of butter baked into my myriad of pie crusts. My Thanksgiving is about butter( and Lipitor), not about the miracle of oil!

Before you call me Scrooge, I will have my menorah lit, but it will not be a menurkey. That’s just malarkey! But, give me a day or two to finish up the T-Day leftovers and I’ll be all over the potato pancakes, especially topped off with my home made cranberry sauce.

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